On & Off Switch Lamp
On & Off Switch Lamp
On & Off Switch Lamp
On & Off Switch Lamp
On & Off Switch Lamp

On & Off Switch Lamp

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A stylish bedside light lamp featuring a smart gravity sensor. Available in white and yellow, this Gravity Sensor ON&OFF Night Lamp will add a soft touch of light to your room. 

Smart Gravity Sensor

Fun, unique and creative design with a gravity sensor. Tilt-sensitive gravity sensor lets you turn on and off the light easily by tilting it on one side.

Brightness Adjustable

Featuring two brightness modes: bright and dim, this lamp is perfect for any setting. Both modes are friendly to the eye while dim mode also saves energy.

USB Rechargeable LED Light

Completely wireless design that runs on a rechargeable built-in battery via USB cable. Take it out anywhere you like, just make sure the battery is charged!

This Gravity Sensor ON&OFF Night Lamp glows in a lovely light – a perfect little addition to soften your décor.


Press ON to turn on the light and OFF to turn off. Extremely easy to use.

Unique and contemporary design

LED lights consume less energy and ensure the longer service life


19 x 6.2 x 9.6 cm



Warm light, White light


Cover: HIPS Base: ABS