5 Easy Ways to Make Your Wall Art Decor Stand Out

Have you ever dreamed of creating at least one beautiful gallery wall at home? This might be a personal statement, and can be very easy to achieve.

wall art

All you will need is just some photos and paintings. Get your hammer and hooks, and put them in the right place.

But, how should you place them to make your wall decor stand out? Here are 5 tips for you, including placement, resizing, etc.

Tip #1: Don’t go rush

A gallery wall should not be lots of pieces being put together. It should be a meaningful collection of your life or emotions. Please take your time and enjoy the process of finding cool arts and hanging them up.

wall art decor

Tip #2: Frames Elevate the Look

Your wall art photos might come in different sizes, colors and materials. Framing can be a good way to tie disparate these art pieces together. They can also elevate the look of your work and create cohesion.

Frames Elevate the Look

If you have no idea of how to choose art works’ sizes, we suggest you try one extra-large piece, two large pieces, two medium artworks, and three small ones.

Tip #3: Go Low When Placing Your Artworks

First place it on the floor to arrange the wall gallery. Use painter's tape to create the size space you want to hang, and then start arranging the artwork within the outline.

Placing Your Artworks

Keep moving them until you find a composition that satisfies you.

When hanging, the artwork starts in the middle and radiates outward. In this way, your gallery will be concentrated on the wall.

Tip #4 Make The Room Full Of Unique Style

The whole idea is to make your room full of your unique style and personality. The gallery wall can tell your story or create a mood. Bring personal style.

 Make The Room Full Of Unique Style

Large paintings in smaller spaces can make them more visually impactful! Don't be afraid to merge colors or patterns. If you like an eclectic look, you can mix it with rustic elements, such as unfinished wooden frames and bold abstract art.

Tip #5: Take Inspiration from Museums

You can also take inspiration from museums’ placement. Artwork should not be hung too high. It is usually at the average human eye-level, which is 57 inches from the floor. It represents the center of the art piece.

Take Inspiration from Museums

If the art is being hung above a couch, you can hang it at the height to 10 inches above the sofa back.

Rules are meant to be broken, so are wall art décor rules. What matters most is that your wall gallery brings joy to your life. If you enjoyed it and would like to see more news, do not hesitate to visit Cosyland website on https://cosyland.com/.