6 Practical Ways To Tidy Up Your Closet

Having a huge closet with unlimited space to store all your clothes, shoes, scarfs, and so on might be a nice dream for every girl. But in reality, we just have a undersized closet.

huge closet

However, for most of the time, we always leave it clustered, messy and unorganized. Here are 6 organizing tips for you to tidy up your closet.

 Messy Closet

#1. Hang Bags on the Door With Hooks

Stop leaving your bags all over the house. Hooks on the inside of your closet door will offer space for your entire collection. Shower hooks are great for hanging purses too.

bag storage

#2. Coordinate Your Containers

The easiest way to take your closet from messy to jaw-dropping is to coordinate your storage containers. Pick your colors wisely. All-white hangers are clean, while light blue containers add an element of surprise.


#3. Wisely Use Storage Containers

You can add drawers to your closet with a purpose. Organize your garments by activity and label — work, weekends, workouts, etc. You should split the space in half to make sure that your accessories don’t pile up.

add drawers tp closet

You can try that tall narrow shelf to hold shoes on the bottom and accessories on the top.

Instead of wasting wall space on belts and scarves, you can use slide organizer. You can stash it out of sight when you don't need it.

#4. Utilize Every Space

Savvy storage boxes with handles are basically made for out-of-season clothes stacked above your clothing rod. They can help you use up your top space. Because the higher you go, the more space you can add.

Savvy storage boxes

#5. Add a Chic Mirror

If you put a mirror in your closet, you don't have to take your clothes out to examine your outfit. So you're much more likely to put items back on the rack immediately after deciding they didn't make the cut.

 #6. Hang your bulky clothes

Sure, those smart shoe organizers are handy for your boots, but they can also be used for bulky items, like sweaters that you don't want to accidentally stretch out on a hanger.

organise your closet

Here's how you do it:

Hang the sweater organizer in the closet, or on a door. Take all your sweaters out, fold them nicely and then roll them to fit into the compartments. Place each sweater in its own cubbie; this will keep them nice and organized

We hope these tips could help you to tidy up your closet. If you enjoyed it and would like to see more news, do not hesitate to visit Cosyland website on https://cosyland.com/.