6 Easy Ways to Help Organize Your Home Office

Since Covid-19 be declared a pandemic, more than half a year has passed. Working from home might be a long-term thing, which is much more different from a regular office. Here are some tips for you to organize your home office.

home office

Working from home gives you more freedom, and also more disorganization. How can you maintain a functional home office to maximize your productivity?

  1. Clear up Your Desk and Use A Work-Only Desk

If you look at your work space carefully, you might find your decks full of a lot of things, such as keys, mails, bills, or even a cat. It’s time for a clean sweep, leaving only your computer, keyboard and mouse.

messy home office

If possible, you should keep your work stuff in a different room, or at least on a different desk. Thus, you can focus on your work.

This is very important. Home desk with bills and children stuff on will distract you from work at any minute. Taking everything off your desk is a fresh start for you and your work.

  1. Organize the Items Accordingly and Keep It Simple

Building a clean and tidy home office is the first step in creating a better workflow. It can help you focus on the workload.

Then, you need to sort through the stacks into three piles (scan, save, and shred), and organize the items accordingly. Thus, these items won’t sneak back onto your workspace.

organised home office

It is also important to keep your personal items to a minimum. Use your desktop to hold only what you truly need for working, and remove all personal items from your desk.

  1. Make Sure Other Family Members Understand Your Workspace

Sometimes, a home office is not just an independent room. It can be anywhere, such as a dining room table or a study room. Other members from the house may not understand this is your Work-Only desk for the moment.

organised home office

You should involve other members in your organizational quest for a functional home office space. You may get great ideas from them, or at the very least, it’s a good reminder to them that you should not be bothered during work time.

  1. Divide Workspace From Personal Space

If you live in the city, your apartment may not be that big. Then, you should place your work desk in the right place. A place next to your bed is not a good option.

curtain home office

If this is your situation, you need to find a way to divide workspace from your personal space. A curtain can be a good choice for you. You can pull back the curtain, and begin your work. When your job is done, you can pull the curtain closed.

  1. Organize Your Stuff with Storage Tools

Organizational tools can help you keep things in the right place, and keep your productivity level high. Get yourself some filing cabinets, trash cans, and a shredder to organize paper files and other things.

Or you can consider virtual copies, moving files to the cloud to make your home office paperless.

filing cabinets

However, even though you have done all the files, there’s always some paperwork lying around. And, you need pens and other physical items to make your home office functional. Taking your storage vertical is a great way to maximize space in a small office, and hanging shelves on the walls gives you endless storage options.

  1. Keep Your Work Space Clean and Clear all Cables

Though you may work at home, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your space clean. After all, you may be required to do a meeting from remote.

home office tidy and clean

Another thing you need to pay attention to is underneath your desk. You may also need wireless devices to cut down on the cables. Keep the remaining cables together with cable ties or clips so they are all neatly tied and won’t twist into tangles.

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