Best Planting Hacks DIY You'll Love

Plants are the most inexpensive and best looking air purifier available! If you're looking for a green fix of health & happiness, try a plant.

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Here are some unexpected tips to help you keep indoor plants healthy, growing and blooming in the coming years. Check out below video:

 Useful Tips:

1. Potassuim speeds up growth

2. Nitrogen in tea promotes growth

3. Upside down plants absord more nutrients

4. Drains excess water

5. Plants in jars recycle water, self-watering ecosystem

6. Evenly distributes water

7. Plants grow evenly by reflecting light

8. How to check soil PH levels? Vinegar( too alkaline) + water + baking soda (too acidic), most plants need neutral soil

9. Scent repels pests and is harmless to plants

10. Honey stimulates roots and potato fertilizes

11. Acetaminophen fights harmful bacteria

12. Cone acts as a biodegradable seed starter

13. Egg carton: Easily re-grow unlimited green onions overnight

14. Rusty nail: iron in rust promotes oxygen

15. Water evenly distributes in soil and hydrates it with bottle holes

16. Calcium in milk acts as a nwtural fertilizer

17. Self waters for weeks with ropes