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Best Planting Hacks DIY You'll Love

Plants are the most inexpensive and best looking air purifier available! If you're looking for a green fix of health & happiness, try a plant. Here are some unexpected tips to help you keep indoor plants healthy, growing and blooming in the coming years. Check out below video:  Useful Tips: 1. Potassuim speeds up growth 2. Nitrogen in tea promotes growth 3. Upside down plants absord more nutrients 4. Drains excess water 5. Plants in jars recycle water, self-watering ecosystem 6. Evenly distributes water 7. Plants grow evenly by reflecting light 8. How to check soil PH levels? Vinegar( too alkaline) + water + baking soda (too acidic), most plants need neutral soil 9. Scent repels pests and is harmless to...

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